Utility Refund Company

Utility Refund Company

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Our office staff is long in experience as it has over 50 years total working in the business.

UR Company works hand in hand with the local utility companies all across the country. We work so closely with them we are usually on a first name basis with them.

The process goes very smoothly as we know what they are looking for in the way of paper work and how they want us to handle the process.

UR Company 
621 Palomino Trail
Englewood, Florida 34223
903-284-4505 phone
888-552-8302 fax
Here are just some of the services we offer:

A no-charge utility bill review & analysis to see if any billing errors have occurred such as wrong tariffs, misapplied charges and possible over charges/double charges when it comes to pass thru line items on your bills.

UR Company reviews not only your basic utilities such as electricity, natural gas and propane to ensure you are paying no more than your type of business should pay, but we also review items such as Oxygen and Nitrogen that can be used in a manufacturing facility.

One of the two areas that really separates us from the rest of the companies is that our program also includes the areas of telecom, waste disposal, cable and internet as well. There are so many line items on some of these types of bills it would be next to impossible for a person not trained to look at these types of bills to be able to see errors or over charges.

The next area that sets us above the rest of the auditing companies is our ability to help your company save and recover money on your motor fuel, which includes unleaded, diesel, heating oil and kerosene. 

With all of these services we are able to go back anywhere from 1 year all the way back to 4 years in some instances.

 Our program has generated significant revenue for many of our customers which allows them to possibly use the extra money to hire more workers, add a piece of equipment that is desperately needed or just to help them survive a economic down turn in their business.

Our goal at UR Company is to ensure that our customers are not paying anymore than they should be on all of their utility bills. Some of our programs continue into the future and we will file quarterly or every 6 months to recover any money that is rightfully yours.

UR Company is 100% performance fee based company which means that you never pay us any money unless you get a refund/ credit or a savings on your monthly cost for these utilities or fuels.

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